Acrylics on Non-Porous Substrates

With the advent of new composite materials, artists today are able to take advantage of lightweight, dimensionally stable supports that offer a smoothness unattainable through traditional surface preparation. These “modern” substrates require little to no preparation, come in a variety of thicknesses and can range from transparent and glossy to matte and opaque. Many of these supports … Weiterlesen

Painting on Ceramics with Acrylics

  We often get asked “What is the best way to paint on ceramics with acrylic paint?”. The question is usually geared toward painting unglazed pottery, but also sometimes glazed ceramics. We do not recommend our products be used on anything that will touch food, hold liquid or go into a dishwasher, so painting ceramics … Weiterlesen

Hand-Painting 3D Prints with Acrylics

Overview of tested paints, mediums, primers and varnishes for 3D prints.

3D prints have become a much more frequently used and a more readily available medium for artists and sculptors. Desktop 3D printers are now affordable and online 3D printing services are available in abundance. Some filaments allow for full color prints, but particularly in smaller prints, the quality of these prints can lack detail and … Weiterlesen

Painting Aluminium Composite Material

Aluminum Composite Material (Dibond®, E Panel®, Alucobond®, AlumaComp®, etc.) Aluminum composite material (ACM), popular in the sign painting industry, is comprised of two prepared sheets of aluminum with a solid polyethylene core.  It comes in different finishes, with a polyester-based white or clear coating being the most common. Before priming, lightly sand or abrade and degrease … Weiterlesen

Painting on Acrylic Sheeting

Acrylic Sheeting Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), known by the trade names Crylux, Plexiglas, Acrylite, Lucite, and Perspex is among several transparent thermoplastics often used in sheet form as a shatter-resistant alternative to glass.  PMMA is an excellent choice for acrylic painting.  No size or ground is needed. Prepare by cleaning with mild soap and water.  Light … Weiterlesen

Painting on Dibond

Adhesion test Products

Dibond is a trade name for a type of painted aluminum composite panel made by Alcan Composites. There are other brands and types of Aluminum Composite Panels that may have a bare aluminum side or different types of coatings, which may require different surface preparation. Dibond panels are made with two lightweight sheets of .012″ … Weiterlesen

Make a Mark

Updated February 17, 2023 to ensure product accessibility accuracy. Make a mark, erase it? Can you? Is it permanent? Will it remain with stubborn pride? Will it all wipe away except for a stain that tells of its past? Will it disappear as if it had never been there? Was it ever there? Will it … Weiterlesen

Sidebar: Some Tips and Starting Points for Photographers

By: Michael Townsend The GOLDEN Digital Grounds, Gel Mediums and Archival Spray Varnishes have created options that will feel very familiar to photographers and are creating a platform for new alternatives for hands-on control of the final image. Many photographers have in the past been able to use the darkroom as an additional stage for … Weiterlesen