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10 Fluid Interference Colors

4 thoughts on “10 Fluid Interference Colors”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am intrigued and frustrated with the interference colors, as they don’t follow traditional painting “rules”. My experiment is to use a clear plastiic that I reshape to create an undulating surface (throwback to my years as a sculptor). Can you provide some advice regarding the using the interference/iridescent colors to their greatest advantage on that type of surface?

    • Hello Jerry.
      I noticed this question didn’t get an answer yet, so please allow me to interject. The Interference colors can be dramatic over dark colors, and more subtle over lighter, more transparent ones. With clear plastic, it would be subdued, but at certain viewing and lighting angles, it would pop and accentuate the dimensions. You also have the option to spray apply these colors with our Airbrush Medium or High Flow Medium and lay down the paints without brush strokes. Contact us at help@goldenpaints.com if you’d like to delve a bit deeper! – Mike Townsend


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