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Beauty and the Best: Wrestling with Changes in Williamsburg

8 thoughts on “Beauty and the Best: Wrestling with Changes in Williamsburg”

  1. One, small, comment: I notice while looking at the alternatives for PY83 a color I’ve used is not shown. Did you check PY150? I know it’s floating around out there somewhere I din’t remember off the top of my head who uses it but in watercolors it’s beautiful.

    only my .02 worth.

    • Hi Steve – PY 150, Nickle Azo Yellow, is definitely gorgeous and might one day make it into the line simply on its own strengths as a beautiful color. However, for this specific project, it just didn’t have the strong warm tilt of the Indian Yellow that we were trying to match, at least taken as a single pigment. That said, it might very well play a role if we ever decided to make a more lightfast version as a blend. You can see an example of just that in our Golden line of acrylics: http://www.goldenpaints.com/products/colors/heavy-body/indian-yellow-hue In any case, thanks so much for taking the time to share you thoughts. We definitely love Nickle Azo Yellow and will continue to consider it as we look for new colors to introduce.

  2. Williamsburg paints have changed my painting life. The elegance of pushing their rich pigments has me painting everyday. The Prussian Blue is absolutely divine, and incomparable. I am so happy to have been introduced to these incredible paints, and hope to own a whole

    • Hi Regan – Thanks SO much for sharing your enthusiasm for our paints and how they have impacted you as a painter. Comments like yours mean the world to us. And if we can ever do anything to help further just ask!

    • Hi Larry,
      Unfortunately Ultramarine Pink has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We should have supply to continue production through 2024. Ultramarine Violet is still available.


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