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Tools for Texture

5 thoughts on “Tools for Texture”

  1. Fingers. I use my fingers/hand to spread my paint. I’m not looking for texture so much as the control direct contact gives me. If you think oil is a better media for color gradient and the like, try fingers with acrylic.

    • Hi Hugh,

      While we know that artists will use their hands and fingers from time to time for applying paint, this is not something that we can recommend, as long term exposure of the ingredients in paints of all kinds, can increase potential for physical reactions. While our products are generally considered “non-toxic” this refers to the products being used “as intended” and not with any “excessive skin contact”. Here is more information for you: https://www.goldenpaints.com/healthsafety_health_index

  2. Tools I use for texture: Rubber pointed ceramic and painting tools, Rubberized shelving, Metal screens, Corrugated cardboard, Bubble wrap, Combs,


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