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GOLDEN Molding Pastes Offer Many Textural Options!

5 thoughts on “GOLDEN Molding Pastes Offer Many Textural Options!”

  1. do you make a flexible molding paste for use with oil paint… I just want to build up texture under my
    oil paint on canvas… I think maybe using the light molding paste with a coat of acrylic paint over it might possibly work?

    • Hello Bruce,

      We haven’t tested the Molding Paste under water soluble oils specifically, but suspect it should work fine for this. It can be used under traditional oil paints. You could do a small test just to be sure it will work for you under the water soluble oils. Adhesion of oils to acrylics is good and the toothy absorbent quality of Molding Paste will help promote for a good mechanical bond. We recommend two to three coats of Molding Paste to block oil penetration into the substrate.

      Hope this helps!


  2. Which acrylic mediums can be mixed with (regular) Molding Paste so that it flows easily through a fine-tipped (~18 gauge) applicator? I’m applying details to a painting on a panel using the applicator instead of a brush.
    Also what ratio of Molding Paste to Acrylic Medium (or Fluid Acrylic) should I use so that the mixture retains its hardness once it’s dry?

    • Hello Ann,

      GAC 200 is our hardest acrylic medium with a fluid consistency and might be a good choice if you are aiming for a hard surface in your applications. We haven’t test the ratios needed to make the Molding Paste-medium blend work in a 18 gauge applicator, but a 1:1 ratio should be a good start for testing. Another goof option would be GAC 800 or Color Pouring Medium Gloss, as these two products have the least shrinkage upon drying.
      We hope this helps. Let us know if you have more questions.


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