Supplies Needed to Process Rinse Water

Removing Water-Based Paint Solids from Rinse Water

If you would rather not flush water laden with acrylic paint solids down the drain, they can be removed prior to disposing of the water. This process consists of chemically treating the contaminated water to cause the solids to flocculate, followed by filtering to remove them from the water. The

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Taming the Foam Monster in Acrylic Paint!

One of the most critical problems in the manufacture and use of acrylic paint is the development of foam. It can cause structural problems in the dry paint film by weakening it and can create a more permeable paint surface capable of imbibing dirt and other discoloring pollutants. But the

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Will Cadmium Always Be On The Palette?

Alternative Pigments Are Becoming Available Introduction Environmental and health concerns have spurred increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for the use and disposal of Cadmium based pigments. As a result, many industries have decreased or entirely eliminated the utilization of these colorants. If these trends continue, formulating cadmium pigment into artist paints

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GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics Offer Great Versatility

GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylics were the first line of paints produced by Golden Artist Colors, Inc. in 1980. Formulated to have an exceptionally smooth, thick texture, these paints were regarded as the best quality available; however, they did not meet the needs of all users. Many artists were thinning the

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How to Test for Lightfastness

Artists, photographers, printers and other users of colored materials need to be familiar with how lightfast the elements of their work are. Some materials can be exposed to strong light for decades without showing a visible color change. Others may start to change within a year. For paints, particularly oils

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Introduction to Varnishing

The application of varnishes is a topic which generates frequent questions. This is a complex issue which does not always lend itself to easy solutions because no single varnish or technique is right for all situations. Desired appearance, type and thickness of application of underlying media, texture and absorbency of

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