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GAC Specialty Polymers

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  1. Can the GAC 100 be thinned with Airbrush Medium or High Flow Medium to be used in a spray solution for airbrushing? I plan on sealing Ampersand Hardbord before I gesso it.

    • Hi Josh –

      GAC 100 can be sprayed. We would recommend blending with GOLDEN Airbrush Medium, starting at 2 parts GAC 100 to 1 part Airbrush Medium. When faster drying is required, replace the Airbrush Medium with GOLDEN High Flow Medium. We have also recently updated our recommendation around protecting fro Support Induced Discoloration and recognize that while GAC 100 still works for most normal applications, just as it has in the past, that Gloss Medium does have the edge for more extreme applications, such as thick applications of gels or pouring. Depending on your own processes, you can decide which works best for you. Again, for ‘normal’ painting, GAC 100 should be more than fine.

  2. For the GAC 200 it says that it helps improve adhesion on non porous surfaces – but not glass or tile. I was wondering if it would work on top of epoxy resin. I wanted to paint over a resin painting and was considering using GAC 100 or 200 to provide a clear coat over the resin that I could then paint on top of (possibly with oils). Do you think this would work?

    • Hello Jeszika,

      Thanks for your comment. Resin is a pretty tight coating, so in order to have good adhesion we recommend a light scuffing or sanding and a good cleaning to create opportunities for mechanical adhesion and remove and oils that could be on the surface. We recommend testing though just in case to be sure you achieve good adhesion. You are correct the acrylics including GAC 200 have poor adhesion to glass and glazed ceramic tiles, but GAC200 has a harder film when it dries. So if applied thinly it is harder to chip off or pick at, so it can hold up better. You would be creating a pretty complex sandwich of materials as you are describing and it is not something we have tested. You could reach out to the resin manufacturer and inquire about adhesion of oils to the resin direct and see if it can accept them and cut out the acrylic step. Let us know if you have more questions at help@goldenpaints.com

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  3. I’m planning to to seal MDF partical board before painting with acrylics. Would GAC 100/200 be a good medium for this purpose?




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