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Suggested Drying Times Between Acrylic Products

8 thoughts on “Suggested Drying Times Between Acrylic Products”

  1. Good article. I would add that your points about waiting for acrylic to dry before applying oil paint are also relevant to urethane. Urethane paints will also trap that water in the acrylic layer, making it a little more difficult to obtain proper adhesion.

    Much depends on the technique being used, however. Thin layers of acrylic on watercolor paper are an entirely different beast from airbrush on steel panel, medium layers of brush applied paint on canvas, or heavy impasto with a knife.

    Artists should experiment with their materials, do test samples, leave them out in the sun, stress test them, etc. I am always shocked at the low level of technical knowledge and professionalism in the fine arts community, when compared with professional industrial painters (e.g., automotive, product manufacturing). It’s good that Golden is publishing this information, as artists are woefully behind when it comes to ensuring that their paintings are structurally stable.

    • Great points, James. I do more test paintings than actual paintings. Each test allows one to try “what if?” without fear of ruining a painting. Some artists, such as Jackie Battenfield, have made a career from turning their test methods into paintings.
      – Mike


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