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Painting on Ceramics with Acrylics

14 thoughts on “Painting on Ceramics with Acrylics”

  1. I studied with a teacher for many years who sculpted functional furniture from clay. She even had a piece in The Whitehouse! All her work was painted with oils. By the time I came along, we were painting clay sculpture with acrylics with remarkable and lasting results!

    • Thanks so much for your input, Rochelle! We are so glad it is working out for you and always appreciate when artist share the results of their practice or tests!

  2. what product did you use as the final finish on the painted clay? i am exploring as i paint my bisque fired pieces and want to protect them with a final satin type finish. any suggestions?

    • Hi Andrena,

      We only tested a few and the only successful one was a two part epoxy. You may need to do some testing on your own to get something that may work for your needs.

  3. This is a useful article for me. I have a several unglazed ceramic pieces around, and this is not a great time to work in a shop, if any are even open. Look forward to trying your suggestions!

  4. Have you experimented with clay pot sealer sprays? Wanted to paint bisque on the outside and spray the inside to waterproof it, and maybe on top of the paint.

    Also, there are acrylics that say they work on glass and ceramics that you have to cure and bake in an oven. Any thoughts on those?

    • Hi Mona,

      We have not tested any clay pot sealers, so you would need to reach out to the manufactures of those coatings to see if they are appropriate for your needs.

      We also do not make any heat curable acrylics and would advise against heating any of our acrylics or other acrylics made for painting, as melting plastic is unhealthy. In our experience and testing, acrylics have poor adhesion to glass, meaning you could peel it right off after application, so again you would need to work with those manufacturers to ask about their intended uses.


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