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Estimating Paint Amounts for a Mural

14 thoughts on “Estimating Paint Amounts for a Mural”

  1. Really interesting article. As an enthusiastic amateur painter, I doubt I’ll be doing any murals any time soon, but I think that applying the process on a smaller scale when I’m mixing colours for large canvases will ensure I mix enough of any specific colour before I start.
    Thank you.

    • You are welcome, Cyndie.
      You might even find this useful information on a smaller scale, like when you need to mix up a unique color but want to make just enough to do the job!
      – Mike

  2. This is great information and I’m happy to have it now… I’m planning a barn mural in the spring and just started gathering Information. As always, thanks for providing such valuable process steps!

  3. The murals projects I have conducted (20′ X 60′) were painted twice due to hot sun in Arizona. One wall that we did for the Phoenix Mars Mission, was painted with a complementary color scheme first, then the actual colors were applied to the complementary colors. For example for a deep space blue, this was achieved by painting with burnt umber as the undercoat and then eight layers of thalo blue with each subsequent layer of stars. The reason for the underpainting w/ complementary color was to give the top-coat a longer life, since the wall faced South. I.e. All red areas were underpainted in green etc. Plus, added a coat of semi-gloss UV varnish. The mural was finished in 2006 and I guarenteed it for 10. It is still vibrant as the day it was finished.

  4. Thank you so much for this! I’m an amateur that has never done an outdoor mural but just got my first job piece! I wasn’t sure where to start, but this has been so helpful. I want to do a good job and make sure it lasts, so thanks again:)

  5. Hello Mike ,
    I have been asked to paint a portrait Mural on a very large Black wall .
    Should, I prime the wall in White in order to make the colors pop ?

    I will greatly appreciate your advice and or assistance
    Thank You ,

    • Hello, Julie.
      Thank you for your question. Depending on the way you like to work and the mural design, you could block areas in with White first, and then apply the pure color over top. This would be best with more transparent colors, such as the Quinacridone Violet. It can also be helpful to simply mix the paint with white and then apply the pastel-hued tint directly over the black. If you want a deeper, more vibrant color, you can apply the full-strength color over these lighter layers as needed.
      -Mike Townsend


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