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Technical Support, Mike Townsend Close-Up

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  1. Hi Michael,
    We spoke on the phone last week about glazing drying times. If I glaze solely with open medium matte and a small amount of fluid acrylic color, do you know how many days I will have to wait for drying? Thank you!

    • Hi Anna!
      There are several factors at play here. Surface absorbency, environment, film thickness, the amount of OPEN Medium to standard products, etc. Also, how long to waor before…? another glaze? Varnish?

      I would suggest working with a test piece that uses the same surface and process. The greatest concern is color lifting during the subsequent glaze, so if you have a test piece painted at the same time as the original you can brush back and forth over the dried layer and look for color lift or other signs of interaction.

      – Mike


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