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The Life of Pigments in Fine Art Paints

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  1. Looks like there are some Golden and QoR paints I need to stock up on before PR206 disappears! It has those peachy undertones that just aren’t in any otherwise similar pigment. There seems to be a lot less discussion about the upcoming loss of PR206 online than there was for the loss of PY49, which was a big deal for watercolorists. I would bet, though, that acrylic painters will really miss PR206. Will you be formulating a new Quin Burnt Orange?

  2. Hi Bryce, great article,

    I was shocked to hear that Golden was discontinuing the Hansa Yellow line due in part to it’s poor performance. then i checked the date and discovered it was three years old.

    Hansa Yellow Medium is one of my favorite colors and seems to be working just fine. Did you find a way to improve the yellow or am i allowing the beautiful color to dissuade a proper look at its overall performance?

    thanks for all the great colors, keith

    • Keith,

      Lightfastness testing is carried out on tints of each color and with exposures designed to approximate many many years of indoor/gallery lit conditions (you can find out a bit more about the process at justpaint.org/lightfastness-testing-at-golden-artist-colors). Used full strength or in stronger tints, with less intense UV exposure, or any combination of the two and the degree of color change could be greatly reduced. There’s a great chart in the linked article on Hansa’s, about halfway down, showing that tints of PY73 Hansa Yellow Medium using 50% or more Titanium White showed much greater color shift than PY73 full strength or mixed with just 10% Titanium White.


  3. Thank you for the interesting article! I personally discovered this beautiful color (or more like – saw it in new light) thanks to this! I was not into pigments as much as I am now when QG got discontinued but I heard a lot about it when I dived into watercolor few years ago and although this pigment doesn’t seem to get as much attention it’s exciting to be a part of the journey.
    I found it interesting that it’s not mentioned elsewhere, are other manufacturers not affected? is the pigment discontinued in general or only in golden’s products?

    Also I was wondering if you would consider making a page of discontinued colors / pigments, historical pigments etc. for reference! As someone who recently ordered QBO tube and waiting for it to arrive, I looked to send a friend a photo of this color I ordered and was surprised to see it’s gone from the color swatches page (as in, it’s really happening!) and I’d like to have a picture of the swatches saved for reference. So if there is a page or link for the photos I’d love that.

    Thank you!

    • Hello, Mano.

      Yes. We lost a key pigment to that color. We may create a crimson color in the future, but it won’t be made entirely from the quinacridone pigments.

      – Mike


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