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Turning the World of Cans Upside Down

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  1. Hello Sarah, I last wrote to you in 2013 while painting for a show in South Africa. I sent you a few examples of my work I only use Williamsburg oils where available and have recently ordered more supplies for my now immanent return for another travel and painting trip. I’ve been hunting for the poetic descriptions of the various colours that used to appear ; I think it was part of the Williamsburg site…I loved those musings which may have perhaps been Carl’s.

    • Hi Anton –

      Thanks for letting us know how much you valued the descriptions. We definitely cherish them as well, both as part of the legacy we inherited and simply as another way to help people imagine into what is often beyond easy description: how a color looks and feels ‘in the flesh’. However, as with any website redesign and launch, it can take a little while to get everything in place but eventually we still hope to have these descriptions available online at some point. The good news, however, is that all of the descriptions are included in our Product Guide for Williamsburg, which we can usually mail out to customers. If interested, simply send us an email with your mailing address and we can get that sent out. In the meantime, we will also email a PDF version to you, so you can have that as a resource as well. You can also download it from our Williamsburg website’s Product Support page:


      Hope that helps! And if you have any other questions, simply let us know.


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