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Backing Boards for Canvas Paintings

9 thoughts on “Backing Boards for Canvas Paintings”

  1. Since we don’t know where collectors live or will live and what environment the paintings will be displayed in, it doesn’t appear to be a good idea to attach a backing board and doing so may create problems.

  2. Nice to know I haven’t been going wrong with the use of corrugated plastic board.

    One option I’ve seen used by framers is to put a viewing widow of stiff transparent plastic (mylar?) in the backing-board. So that a signature signed on the reverse of the canvas is still visible.

    • Hi Marc,

      thank you for mentioning viewing holes. They are indeed a great and wonderfully simple way to make signatures visible.

  3. I never knew I could use foam board. I always used brown paper. Is the board I buy at WalMart or any hobby store okay to use or are Golden’s boards the only ones that will stand up to this? Thanks for the great tip!

    • Hello Lynn,

      thank you for your comment. Golden does not make any boards and we also have not tested different brands. I am not familiar with the foam boards from Wallmart, but would think that they are not archival and might need to be exchanged after a couple of years. There is also the aspect of pH. However, the foam boards from Walmart are probably not more acidic than brown paper. Better would be foamcore boards with acid free paper or plastic coatings. Fome-Cor® Acid Free or Coroplast® Archival grade are relatively inexpensive options.


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