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Rabbit Skin Glue – Pros & Cons

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  1. I try to work as archival as possible thats why when prepping oil on linen paintings its Gamblin PVA size with two coats of a oil ground on top. RSG is great but for the long haul i see to many problems in controlling the environment they are in

  2. It’s weird that PVA gets recommended over and over again as a good substitute. In my experience it also reactivates badly. A buyer once called me complaining that a painting he bought glued itself to his wall and after my tests I find out that PVA reactivates and becomes gummy and sticky when it is hot and humid. I ended up going back to using RSG. I also could never get the canvas tight enough when using PVA and have to re-stretch pretty much all my paintings. There was also a much greater possibility of strike through when using portrait grade linen..

    • Hi DS,
      Tanks for your comment! That is interesting observation. We have not found the more popular PVA Size for oil painting to reactivate in that way, but will have to look into it. There are varieties of PVA that are made to reactivate and we have seen acrylic products applied over these resoluble varieties crack upon drying.
      No products can beat RSG for its tightening and oil blocking. One of a kind!
      Take care,

  3. Thanks for a most informative article. I am a luthier and use hide glue but was not filly aware of it’s specifics. One application in particular seems like it would be good for rabbit skin glue. Gluing on the bridge of a guitar. The bridge is under the constant pull of the strings at a pressure of about 100 pounds. It is not unusual for bridges glued with regular hide glue to come off. I suppose the only way to test this would be to get some and try it out. If there is anyone with experience of this I would very much like to hear what their experience has been.
    Bob St. Cyr (stcyrbob@gmail.com)

    • Hi Bob,
      Sorry for the delayed response. We do not have experience with RSG and instrument making or repair. But, if you need any info about the specifics of our products, let us know and we will provide what we can.
      Best wishes!


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