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Using Oils with Acrylics

8 thoughts on “Using Oils with Acrylics”

    • Hello Ruslan,
      this is our most recent research article on this topic. While there may be more recent studies in the conservation world, we are not aware of any papers that would add to this research or change our perspective. We have since tested adhesion of oil over acrylic and found no failures. Perhaps in the coming years we will re-investigate this topic and present our findings in another article. Because so many oil painters use acrylic gesso to prepare their surfaces, the topic of using oils over acrylic is as relevant today and will be for decades to come.
      Thanks for your comment!
      Greg Watson

    • Hi Paul – A heartfelt thank you for the appreciation and so glad that you found this helpful and valuable. And if there are ever other questions or areas you would like to see more articles or research on, just let us know as we are always on the look-out for new topics.

      Best – Sarah Sands

  1. I’ve been looking for information on this for so long! This is an incredible and thorough article – thank you for the research!


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