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Williamsburg Artist Oil Colors – Oil Content by Volume

3 thoughts on “Williamsburg Artist Oil Colors – Oil Content by Volume”

  1. This is handy. Thanks for this, appreciated. Some of the dry times have the wrong color for their alphabetical notation. Are we supposed to average the difference between the 2? Eg An S with F green would be an M? 😉

    It would help to have the paint names ordered alphabetically within each oil category for quick reference in the studio. Already I got a bit frustrated searching for paints. Thanks.

    • HI Bob,
      Thanks for your comment. HAHA, No that was just an error. We will straighten that up asap. But for now, simply reference the letter and not the color. We have plans to rework the pigment ID chart for Williamsburg so that all the color names and information columns can be sorted. We have not quite gotten there yet. In the meantime, open the PDF and press the Ctrl and F button at the same time. It will drop in a little search bar up top. You should be able to type in the color name you are looking for and it will highlight it for easy searching. Perhaps we can add another section with the color names in alphabetical order… good suggestion.
      Take care!


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