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Are PanPastel Colors Nontoxic?

5 thoughts on “Are PanPastel Colors Nontoxic?”

  1. Thank you for this information.
    As usual, Golden has our backs with usable information that helps us be more knowledgeable and pro-active in our craft.
    The watchwords seem to be “the dosage makes the poison” and indeed we are all unique in that regard. (I used to pull poison ivy up by the roots until I couldn’t. now it’s full clothing and arms length rubber gloves)
    The other watchword seems to be “anticipated use.” Again that fall to us users and again Golden arms us with information to aid in decision-making.

    • Thank you so much for the support. Your observation about sensitization with the Poison Ivy example is an important contribution. For example, our waterborne paints are labeled (European requirement) for the possibility of causing an allergic reaction to users who have been sensitized to the listed preservatives. We also periodically hear from artists with various chemical sensitivities which result in symptomatic reactions to products which normally can be used without ill-effect. So thank you, also, for illuminating that “non-toxic” can also be very related to one’s own susceptibility.

    • Hello Julian,

      Thank you for your question. PanPastels, like any of our artist materials, are neither intended nor recommended for cosmetic use. We are glad you asked, and hope you find a product formulated for the intended use, that will safely create the desired look.


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