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Varnishing Mixed Media Paintings

2 thoughts on “Varnishing Mixed Media Paintings”

  1. I had recently observed through the Winsor & Newton Page The application of a conservator varnish over a finished charcoal surface–I believe using it as a spray fixative. This was applied over the course of the demonstrations several times building up a darker tone–with no lift. What is your feelings about this?

    • Hello Dillard, thank you for your comment. Yes, it is certainly possible to apply multiple layers of fixative over dry media paintings and as you observed this can darken these paintings or saturate colors. It solely depends on the artist, whether these visual changes are acceptable to him/her. The advantage, when truly embedding charcoal like that in many layers of fixative is, that the drawing becomes resistant to color lift and it might be possible to show the work without being framed behind glass.


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