Shiny! QoR Iridescent and Interference Watercolors

QoR Iridescent and Interference paints

From its introduction, QoR offered three shimmery shiny special effect colors in tube format:  Iridescent Pearl, Iridescent Silver, and Iridescent Gold.  The summer of 2022, QoR added three Interference paints available in the “Reflective” six pan set: Interference Violet, Interference Blue, and Interference Green.  The original three Iridescent watercolors are also part of this half … Weiterlesen

Chromatische Neutraltöne mit QoR Aquarellfarben

Neutrale Farben sind Farben mit geringer oder keiner Farbsättigung. Obwohl sie oft übersehen werden, spielen neutrale Farben eine wichtige Rolle für den Erfolg einer Komposition. Eine neutrale Farbe ist eine Farbe ohne starken chromatischen Farbton. Weiß, Grau und Schwarz bilden den neutralen Kernbereich, und Aquarellfarben in diesen Farben können fertig gekauft werden. Wenn wir jedoch … Weiterlesen

SoFlat Retail Product

SoFlat matte paint application

Um eine glatte, gesättigte Farbe aufzutragen, die zu einer gleichmäßigen, glanzfreien Oberfläche trocknet, benötigen Sie eine Farbe, die mehr als nur matt ist. Sie sollte eine bessere Deckkraft und mehr Verlaufseigenschaften haben. Diese Kombination von Eigenschaften macht SoFlat einzigartig. ·       Ausgeprägte Palette von 40 Farben, erhältlich in 2, 4 und 16 Unzen Behältern ·       Zwei … Weiterlesen

Learn About Scott Fischer, Artist and Materials & Application Specialist at GOLDEN

Mark Golden: I’m here with Scott Fischer, one of our Material and Application Specialists on staff, to discuss his career as an artist and his journey in the visual arts. What began your passion with art? Scott Fischer: Growing up my focus was on sports. I was a swimmer. I had an injury in high school, which … Weiterlesen

Williamsburg Chromatic Darks

  When oil painters visit our factory, we always show them these colors. The response is unanimously positive, especially from those who use darker tones or blacks in their work. Williamsburg has six chromatic darks that we want to feature in this article. These colors are all blends, containing a natural iron oxide or Ivory … Weiterlesen

Hand-Painting 3D Prints with Acrylics

Overview of tested paints, mediums, primers and varnishes for 3D prints.

3D prints have become a much more frequently used and a more readily available medium for artists and sculptors. Desktop 3D printers are now affordable and online 3D printing services are available in abundance. Some filaments allow for full color prints, but particularly in smaller prints, the quality of these prints can lack detail and … Weiterlesen

Mirjam Hintz: Up Close

Golden Artist Colors’ new Materials & Applications Specialist is working from her studio in Frankfurt, Germany and gives us our first Materials Support staff in Europe. She has the ability to serve customers in both English and German, strengthening our commitment to artists by answering their questions and assisting with product and application challenges. Mark … Weiterlesen

Ann Walsh : COLORS

Ann Walsh: COLORS

The exhibition, Ann Walsh: Colors at the Sam & Adele Golden Gallery through March 15, 2019 comprises twenty-four works made from 1986 through 2018. A dynamic language, enabled by color, is the thread that winds through the show. Ann Walsh’s color is amplified, saturated, buoyant, made inescapable. Color selection and color relationships are pre-eminent. Nine … Weiterlesen

The QoR mini Half Pan Travel Set and Color Mixing

The GOLDEN QoR Mini Travel Set

Introduction: If you seek an easy way to take watercolors on plein air painting adventures, the QoR mini with its half pans of luscious watercolors is awaiting your brush!  The QoR mini is a travel set that provides twelve half pans of dry QoR Modern Watercolor paints in a small closeable metal palette ready for on-site or studio … Weiterlesen