Just Six Paints: the (almost) double primary approach to a QoR color wheel

Color Wheel

The March 2016 article “Painting on Location with QoR Modern Watercolors” included a suggested palette of six QoR paints selected for their own attributes and for their ability to create a spectrum of beautiful saturated colors. This article will first discuss the selection process, and then demonstrate the paints’ mixing potential when organized around an … Read more

ASTM Lightfastness Testing for Oil Paints

WB LF Samples

Methodological Issues and the Effect of White Pigments on Fading Introduction Lightfastness is usually reported in a single word or number—a simple answer for artists questioning a color’s permanence. Although lightfastness ratings are straightforward, lightfastness assessment is actually fairly complex, and a variety of factors can influence both laboratory and real-world lightfastness outcomes. To tackle … Read more

Shiny! QoR Iridescent and Interference Watercolors

QoR Iridescent and Interference paints

From its introduction, QoR offered three shimmery shiny special effect colors in tube format:  Iridescent Pearl, Iridescent Silver, and Iridescent Gold.  The summer of 2022, QoR added three Interference paints available in the “Reflective” six pan set: Interference Violet, Interference Blue, and Interference Green.  The original three Iridescent watercolors are also part of this half … Read more

Color Mixing Resources

Welcome painters! We hope you find the color mixing resources below useful to your painting practice. If there is anything else you need or if you have additional questions, our product support team is ready to assist you. Welcome painters! We hope you find the color mixing resources below useful to your painting practice. If … Read more

Chromatic Neutrals with QoR Watercolor

Neutral colors are those with little or no color saturation. Although often overlooked, neutrals play a vital role in the success of a composition. A neutral color is one without a strong chromatic hue. White, gray and black occupy the core neutral zone, and watercolor paints of these colors can be purchased. However, if we … Read more

SoFlat Retail Product

SoFlat matte paint application

To brush out smooth, saturated color that dries to an even, glare-free surface, you need a paint that is more than just matte. It should have better coverage and more leveling properties. That combination of qualities makes SoFlat unique. •  Distinct palette of 40 colors, available in 2, 4 and 16 oz. jars •  Two … Read more

Learn About Scott Fischer, Artist and Materials & Application Specialist at GOLDEN

Mark Golden: I’m here with Scott Fischer, one of our Material and Application Specialists on staff, to discuss his career as an artist and his journey in the visual arts. What began your passion with art? Scott Fischer: Growing up my focus was on sports. I was a swimmer. I had an injury in high school, which … Read more

Williamsburg Chromatic Darks

  When oil painters visit our factory, we always show them these colors. The response is unanimously positive, especially from those who use darker tones or blacks in their work. Williamsburg has six chromatic darks that we want to feature in this article. These colors are all blends, containing a natural iron oxide or Ivory … Read more