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Four New Experimental Products

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  1. Hi Golden Paints,
    Just wondering if the Clear Pouring Medium (Thin) & Clear Pouring Medium (Thick) dry to a crystal clear finish? I have been using GAC 800 in pours and have found that it yellows. This tendency becomes more pronounced depending on the number of layers.

    • Hi Tina,

      They do dry to very clear films, and it is true that our GAC 800 does dry with a hazier film. Of course any water borne acrylic film will show a yellowish color if applied directly on cotton canvas or any wood based panel, due to support induced discoloration, so you may be seeing some of that as well in the GAC 800. This effect comes from water miscible compounds found in canvas and wood products that leaches up into drying acrylic films.

      The experimental Pouring Mediums will also discolor due to “SID”. This can be effectively blocked by applying a few coats of either GAC 100 or Polymer Medium to the canvas or panel first. These Pouring Mediums are still experimental and not generally available, unfortunately. We are working on them. The great thing about GAC 800 is how non-crazing it is and I have been using it a lot in my own work mixed with Fluid Acrylics. It makes beautiful pours.

      Here are some links with more information about discoloration and the natural “patina” of acrylic films:

      SID: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ORHTuYGO8U&feature=plcp

      The Acrylic Patina: https://justpaint.org/defining-the-acrylic-patina/

      Guidelines for Clear or Lightly Tinted Textures, Layers, and Glazes:

      • Thanks Scott,
        Just wondering when the Clear Pouring Mediums (Thin & Thick) will be generally available? I’m anxious to start using them in my own art practice, as well as exploring them with my painting students.

        Best Regards,
        Tina Poplawski

    Hi Tina! At this point in time, we are still testing these products and have no clear time frame for when they might be regular products or even custom products. They are still in the experimental phase. But, if you send us your email address we can send you some more details about the products. Send a message to me at sbennett@goldenpaints.com and we can proceed from there!

    Best regards, Scott Bennett

  3. Hello,

    Our Pouring Mediums are Water-based and would not be compatible with oil paints. We do not have a designated product for pouring with oils and we recommend that oil paint
    layers remain thin. Thicker layers can take a very long time to dry and be prone to wrinkling for example. Oils will dry through oxidation, not evaporation like acrylics, so oil paint films can develop a dried skin, which can keep the paint under wet. Here is an article on the subject if you are interested: Weighing In on the Drying of Oils

    We hope this helps and let us know if you have questions help@goldenpaints.com


    • Hello, Asaf. Thanks for your question. This article is from 2012. The Clear Pouring Mediums (Thick) and (Thin), were really wonderful acrylic painting mediums, but had some flaws. One was that they were very slow-drying, more than our standard acrylic mediums like Gloss Medium, CLear Leveling Gel, and Clear Tar Gel (which are similar but often craze during drying). The other main issue was that even upon drying, the painting would often “slump” when hung vertically, especially in the first 3-6 months from when applied. These hurdles could not be overcome and therefore we halted the process to make them move from “experimental” to “standard” product status.
      – Mike Townsend


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