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From Mark Golden

5 thoughts on “From Mark Golden”

    • Thanks Guy, So glad you enjoy reading our newsletter. We are paint geeks and the Just Paint is a great vehicle for all the varied interests of staff here. Best, Mark

  1. I truly love every one of your products that I’ve tried but my heart goes for your molding pastes and acrylic paints. I have been using the molding pastes to create 3D animals using a shell as the substrate. Each creation comes to life with your vibrant paint colors!!! Thank thank thank you… for such quality products! Keep up the good work.

    • Dear Lisa, thanks so much for your support of our product. We have such a dedicated team of owners here and when we share the responses from artists like yourself with the staff, it reminds us all of why we do this work and continues to fill us with pride! All the best, Mark


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