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GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics Offer Great Versatility

4 thoughts on “GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics Offer Great Versatility”

  1. Are Golden Fluid Acrylics suitable for plastic surfaces? Is there a surface preparation required? Can I get a color chart and information emailed to me?

    Thank you.


    • Hello William.

      First, sorry for the long delay in response! Painting with acrylics onto plastic is possible, but in some cases a primer may be necessary. Not all plastics accept acrylic paint the same. Here’s an article that was written about the subject: https://justpaint.org/acrylics-on-plastics/

      We’d be happy to send you an information packet with hand painted color charts and product literature, just send your mailing address to help@goldenpaints.com and we’ll get them right out to you!

  2. I read several articles that include frisket and masking in discussion but you never say what tape and frisket products work best. I sure would like to know this.


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