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SoFlat Matte Acrylics – Why it Matters

9 thoughts on “SoFlat Matte Acrylics – Why it Matters”

  1. Thank you for the detailed explanation. Really interesting stuff!

    Are you considering having a full gloss paint in the future (SoGloss?) so you don’t have the issue of matting agents settling. I find glossy paints have less colour shift from wet to dry, so that is what I prefer.

  2. Hi,
    I find that the new SoFlat acrylics to be very interesting. I do have a few questions

    1)The article mentions applying SoFlat in a thin layer. Would Golden recommend that a hard surface such as a panel be the preferred surface since canvas can expand and contract due to such factors as humidity?
    2) I am thinking of using SoFlat has an underpainting not only for acrylic paintings but also oil paintings. Is SloFlat recommended as an underpainting for oil paints ?
    Do I need to use some sort of isolation coat after the SloFlat has dried before proceeding with additional layers of acrylic paint & mediums such as the Open medium?
    3) I have been using a small amount of Golden Open Gloss Painting Medium mixed in with non Open acrylics to extend working time. What would I use to mix in with SloFast to extend their working time?
    4) Can I assume that a a painting executed with SloFast can be varnished as any other acrylic painting or are there additional requirements?
    I appreciate your time in answering my questions. Is it possible to obtain a sample so that I can experiment with SloFast? Thank you very much,

    Dennis Marshall
    34 Van Houten Street
    Apt 213
    Paterson NJ 07505

    • Hi Dennis,

      Thank you for your questions. We provided answers below:
      1) SoFlat can be used on canvas or on a panel. They have sufficient flexibility for the expansion and contraction of canvas due to humidity.
      2) Some oil paints on top of SoFlat can develop a visible oil halo, where the oil spreads outside the paint application. Reducing the absorbency of the SoFlat matte surface by applying a thin layer of Fluid Matte Medium on top could eliminate this oil halo. You should not need any Isolation Coat or mediums when painting on top of SoFlat with the other acrylic lines.
      3) If you want to extend the working time of SoFlat without raising the gloss or adding translucency, our best recommendation is to add up to 15% of Retarder.
      4) You certainly can varnish the SoFlat paints, but the varnishes will change the appearance.

      Most of these topics are covered in the sister article we published, that can be found here: https://justpaint.org/soflat-is-so-flat/

      We do not have any samples available at this time.

      If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at help@goldenpaints.com.

  3. Cant wait to try this. Maybe i can use it for my illustrations. I am loving the look of it. I really like smooth flat surfaces

  4. I recently purchased the Zing and Pop sets–Really looking forward to how they spray. I am well versed in the precaution to take in making the paint into an aerosol. I will not be spraying any of the cadmium colors nor those that contain any chromium. I wear a double-cartridge respirator and several ranges of airbrushes to use various viscosities of paint.

    • Thanks for your interest in our SoFlat Matte Acrylics. SoFlat Acrylics require thinning before use in airbrush guns and most spraying applicators will require GOLDEN Airbrush Medium or GOLDEN OPEN Thinner to reduce dry paint tip buildup and clogging. Start with a blend of SoFlat, OPEN Thinner and water, at a ratio of 3 parts paint : 1 part Thinner : 1 part water and adjust as necessary. Larger nozzle diameter spray equipment may only require OPEN Thinner to improve flow and leveling. NOTE: Wear a respirator or mask designed to capture dusts and mists when spraying or sanding ANY acrylic paint. We are glad to hear you will not be spraying cadmiums as you should never spray Cadmium colors, as these pigments are hazardous when inhaled.

  5. I watched the informational video on how to get a flat canvas. And it suggests using molding paste. Can you please explain the difference between this and a gesso?

    • Hello Darien,

      Molding Paste is an acrylic product that contains a higher level of solids so it can be used to fill in the canvas weave. It is a grey translucent product when applied thinly and it can be skim coated into the canvas to achieve a very smooth surface. Gesso is a white semi-opaque product with fewer solids than Molding Paste. Gesso is a good option for creating a nice white ground to work off of for bright color, Molding Paste is lovely, but more of a muted gray color. All acrylics will shrink by almost half when they dry, but the additional solids in the Molding Paste allows it to pack into the weave better than the gesso, which tends to shrink around the texture more than fill it. We hope this helps. Here is a video on the Pastes if you are interested!

      What, Why & How : GOLDEN Acrylic Paste Mediums – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIbeay6BORw


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