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SoFlat is So Flat!

16 thoughts on “SoFlat is So Flat!”

    • SoFlat is closer to the consistency of the Fluid Acrylics, but they are more leveling and have a silky feel when applying. In our other paint lines, we do not standardize the sheen, so the sheen of each color is depicted by what is inherent in the pigment. For example, Phthalos and Quinacridones are glossy by nature, whereas the earth colors; umbers, ochres, and siennas are more matte by nature. All of the SoFlat colors are matte.

  1. Cannot wait to get my hands on this paint. Ithink this paint will give the closest finish yet to a flat matt print type finish. I love working with gouache for the velvet finish it gives, so hopefully SoFlat will give me this . Many thanks, David

    • Hi Denis,

      You could use the SoFlat Acrylics mixed with Airbrush Medium for spraying, but it will increase the gloss. If you would like to spray the SoFlat Acrylics without increasing the gloss, we would recommend using OPEN Thinner instead of the Airbrush Medium and Start with a blend of SoFlat, OPEN Thinner and water, at a ratio of 3 parts paint : 1 part Thinner : 1 part water and adjust as necessary.

      We hope this helps and if you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at help@goldenpaints.com.

  2. Have I understood this incorrectly ? Are you really replacing your fluid and heavy body acrylics with this line ? I hope I am mistaken.

    • You have understood correctly. We are discontinuing the Fluid Matte and Heavy Body Matte lines. If you love those and still want them, we may be able to make them for you in our Custom Lab. Feel free to email us at help@goldenpaints.com.

  3. I have worked with the traditional gouache and due their pigment load–some tend to phosphoresce when apply with an airbrush. Are you familiar with the effect? I was wondering if these would respond in much the same way.
    I was also wondering how finely ground the pigment is and the smallest tip size I could use.

    • We do not have experience with a “phosphoresce” effect with traditional gouache and have not testing airbrushing with Traditional gouache.

      Each pigment has its own particle size, so the proper tips to use would depend upon which color you chose. We have a chart in our information about the High Flow Acrylics that gives suggestions for nozzle sizes for particular pigments. The chart can be found here. Please scroll all the way to the bottom:https://www.goldenpaints.com/technicalinfo/technicalinfo_highflow

      If you have further questions, please email us at help@goldenpaints.com.

  4. I’m really really looking forward to trying these paints when they come to the UK! I used to paint with Vinyl acrylics which work like gouache; matt and velvety but dry like acrylics. It’s been harder to get hold of them since last year, so I have been using gouache instead. I miss the qualities of acrylic paint. SoFlat looks amazing!

  5. For matte painting I’ve only really used casein though I’ve been planning to try acrylic gouache which seems more widely available. Is this new line your version of acrylic gouache? I have your normal fluid acrylics so this would be good to add to my collection if so.

    I wish that video were longer, it would be nice to see someone painting with these. Thanks!


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