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    • On the first page inside of JPE there is a carousel of images, I think there are only two right now, but one links to the surface prep area and that is more of an index of various surfaces and how to prepare them than an article. There is a video as well on the preparation of “improvised” supports.

  1. Is the print version still in production? I would like to subscribe. I teach many students in all age ranges and would like a couple copies to put in the studio. Thanks.

    • Hello Michel, as this comment is in the article about JPE and we’ve never created a print version of JPE I’ll assume you’re asking about the Just Paint print edition that is sent out to subscribers (free!). We have a supply of print copies for most previous print editions, send a request to help@goldenpaints.com and we can probably provide you with copies. As for the first part of your question (is JP still in production) – we continue to publish new articles every month, but the last print edition of the newsletter was mailed in 2019 with the expectation that we would continue on an annual basis in 2020. Well, 2020 happened and those plans and expectations had to be set aside. At this time we don’t know if or when we’ll resume the print edition of Just Paint, but we’re as committed as ever to the research and reporting being published on JustPaint.org.


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