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New Water Reclamation Process

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    • Hello Julie, The Just Paint article “Cleaning Your Acrylic Waste Water Made Easy” might be helpful. It is about our Crash Paint Solids kit, which helps artist remove acrylic solids from waste water. Within the article are further helpful links, one to a page about purchasing the kit (which itself has a link to a video showing the kit in action), and another to an earlier article about making a do-it-yourself crash kit. We hope this information will be helpful. If you have questions about using the kit or the materials involved, our Health and Safety people are happy to talk with artists and may be reached by asking for that department when calling one of the Golden phone numbers, 607-847-6154 or
      Toll-free (USA only) 800-959-6543.

  1. I love my painting practice but I am very concerned about the environmental effects of my acrylic paints. I am using your Crash product for home use. However,
    do you recommend disposing of the clear (but still full of chemicals) water at hazzardous waste facilities? How can this be handled at a small local Art School? Do you have systems figured out?
    I am interested in educating the members of the art school where I go and then writing articles or lecturing at other schools. Is there printed materials that you have prepared to hand out to artists?

    • Hello Anne,

      There is no need to dispose of the clear effluent at a hazardous waste facility. The remaining chemicals will be broken down by the microbes at the sewage treatment plant. They are not dissimilar to other house hold chemicals found in detergents, shampoos, etc. I do think it is a great system for art schools, although I’m not sure what is meant by the question as to whether we “have systems figured out”? Please expand on that. You are welcome to print and hand out any of our web-based articles.


      Ben Gavett
      Regulatory Affairs Director


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