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The Value of Painting with Neutral Grays

7 thoughts on “The Value of Painting with Neutral Grays”

  1. I always look forward to reading a new article in Just Paint, and I’m sure that I’ll appreciate this one too. Eventually. If I can get past “complimentary,” which is where all the vestiges of my editorial past shut down the reading process. The correct word, in this context, is “complementary.” Using appropriate complementary values and hues in a painting may well result in a finished piece that gathers complimentary comments. But the “compliments” can’t be baked into the painting.

    • Hi Appel,
      Thank you so much for the correction. We appreciate you keeping us on track! Changes have been made.

    • Hi Marc,
      That would be a great product. Perhaps we can come to that at some point in the future! It would be nice to have neutrals with a little less tinting strength and the added benefit of lead in the paint layers.
      take care,


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