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Are acrylics as durable as oils?

3 thoughts on “Are acrylics as durable as oils?”

  1. Hi Sarah,

    I just wanted to comment and let you know how much I appreciated your article regarding the comparison of oil paints versus acrylics. I have been painting with oils for about 45 years and acrylics for 35 years. Although I have read articles on this subject in the past, I have recently wanted to know more on the comparison between the two in regards to the longevity of each. I also appreciate the links your article provides for additional info. I truly love both mediums, and both have things which I like and dislike about them. With oils I really enjoy the smell of linseed oil and oils buttery consistency. But, I am a huge fan of acrylics drying time and “tri-medium” effect. I’m referring to the fact that I can paint in acrylics and my paintings can have characteristics of oil paintings, watercolors, or distinctively acrylic. In many of my paintings someone would be hard-pressed to determine what medium was used. So, for me, acrylics remain a miracle medium!

    • Hi Randall –

      You are so welcome – and thanks for the warm feedback. We are glad that you found this and other articles helpful, and I completely understand the allure and love of both mediums, having come from 25 years of oil painting into the last 15 years of acrylics. Perhaps the most wonderful is that it is not an either-or proposition. We truly are free to use both as the project or our needs determine. An expansive of the range of expression that I have to believe would have been the envy of painters in the past.

      Anyway, happy painting as you continue to explore these mediums. And if we can ever do anything else to help, just let us know!


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