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Update About YInMn Blue

12 thoughts on “Update About YInMn Blue”

  1. Am I correct in assuming there is no longer a “print” (mailed) version of Just Paint ?
    What is cost of the new blue heavy body in both sizes ?
    how to get same ?

  2. I was placed on a list several months ago to receive tubes in Acrylic and QoR watercolor. Do I need to oder again?

    Bill Alberti

    • Hi William,

      If you filled out the survey a while back, we will be contacting you soon. Please check your emails and your spam folder as sometimes emails from companies wind up there.

  3. Will this color be running for a limited time? this is exciting news!!! now if we could just know the pricing

    • Hi Ramiro,

      Yes, this is a limited Edition Custom product. For pricing, please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-959-6543.

  4. Very nice, but I think I’d rather have Manganese blue back.

    Is there any advantage to this colour and just mixing cobalt blue and cobalt violet together?

    • Hi Marc,

      It is not really possible to match a single pigment color with other pigments, but this color is very close to Ultramarine Blue and Cobalt Blue and sits somewhere between these two colors.

  5. amazing!! cant wait, how long shall we expect this to limited run to go for? I received an email about pricing but with the current times i am unable to splurge on multiple OZ’s. Any hints would be lovely 🙂 you are all beautiful for running such a fantastic site! love from California friends

    • Hi Xavier,

      Thank you for the kind words! We will be selling this until we run out of stock, so it really depends upon how quickly it sells. It is a Custom Limited Edition, so best if you order as soon as you are able.



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