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Life of a Painting

3 thoughts on “Life of a Painting”

  1. I wonder if those paintings written off as lost because of paint losses could be restored differently. By replacing like, with like. To recreate the original work rather than merely (not to discredit the fine work of restorers) make those losses invisible to the viewer with removable colours. The equivalency of rebuilding the lost sections of a centuries old building with the same type of stone or timber. Perhaps as is often done in these cases, of not trying to hide the newness of these replacement materials. Eventually one runs into the future possibility of having something in the nature of ‘the family hammer’ “Been in the family for over a hundred years. Only had four new handles and two new heads.” But at least you still have a hammer instead of none at all.

  2. Somewhere lost in my notes there are recorded the public views from the early days of oil painting. Oil painting that made more visibly apparent that they were using a canvas as a support and thus not with a smoothed out priming ground, were often looked upon poorly. As they were associated with the cheap stained fake tapestries; those workers were under a completely different guild from the standard artists.
    As I remember it, there was a whole industry in England making these ‘fake’ tapestries, and I don’t think even one of them has survived to this day.


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