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Painting on Watercolor Paper

2 thoughts on “Painting on Watercolor Paper”

  1. I use Golden acrylics to paint on 300 lb. (640gsm) 30×22 inch watercolor paper — Fabriano and Kilimanjaro to name two. To avoid buckling, I gesso front and back. Then I tape the paper to a work surface board leaving a carefully measured one-inch border. I gesso the front one more time to seal the masking tape edge. Then I paint. Afterward, I remove the tape and spray varnish the front and back— further protection against fingerprints and dirt. Yes, sometimes removing the tape lifts a small, thin, irregular layer of paper, or there are small paint bleed spots. Both issues are easily remedied with gesso touch ups. I’ve found this process to be very reliable — the end painting on paper is heavy (not really rollable). Customers like the substantial weight this process brings to a work on paper. You can see them at https://www.cynthiacoldrenfineart.com/works-on-paper


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