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Plein-Air Painting with OPEN Acrylics

17 thoughts on “Plein-Air Painting with OPEN Acrylics”

  1. I feel better about the Open acrylic paint after reading your article. I have not used them yet outdoors but I am very soon. Thank you. I read it to the finish and was glad to do so. A very good article.

    • Hi Virginia,

      We are happy that our article helped you to feel better about trying OPEN Acrylics. Thanks for your kind compliment!

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for this usefull post.
    As I’ m french may I tell you that the wright spelling for ” plein air” is this one. Different meaning for ” aire”.
    Have a nice day,

  3. Thanks for this article. I’ve ben wanting to try plein-aire with my Open acrylics. Around Santa Fe where I live, they seem to be the only viable option for using acrylics this way.


    • Hi Eric,

      You are most welcome. It can be very challenging painting outdoors, and even indoors in a very dry climate. Indoors you could use a humidifier to help slow drying but outdoors, obviously, you need to use a much slower drying paint. Oil paints or our OPEN Acrylics are the best choices.

  4. What is the name/brand of the palette with blue-rimmed lid as photographed for this article? I am not finding it by searching online. Thanks!

  5. I am looking for a liquid medium that would have the appearance of encaustic but not encaustic itself.
    I want to “dip” some 3D vestments made of fabric, thread, and other mixed media to give the appearance of time passing ( as in memories).
    Please advise

  6. Hi,
    have been enjoying the soft blending capabilities of Golden Open Acrylics. I leave them open on the palette for the next day, and they become thicker like oil paint.

    Have a question reg. drying / layers and regular acrylics.

    Background info: I have been painting either all layers in Golden Open, or the first layers in Heavy body or Fluid acrylics and then the later layers in Golden Open Acrylics. This is to make the bottom layers dry first, as I do when painting in oils.

    At the end of the painting, I wish for the ability to use a brush pen filled with Golden Fluid or High Flow Acrylics to sign the painting or add details. This is what I do when painting all the layers with regular fast drying acrylics. I have not been doing this, as I worried about problems reg. different drying times, like with oil, using faster drying acrylics on top of slower drying.

    Then I had a though, these are not oils, they are acrylics.


    Is it possible to use Fluid or High Flow Acrylics over Golden Open if waiting for the Golden Open to cure? Like if waiting 6 months, or something similar.


    • Hello Isabelle,
      Thank you for your question. Waiting a month for OPEN to cure before signing a painting with High Flow in a refillable paint marker should be long enough for curing. As a comparison, this is the same time span we recommend waiting before varnishing a painting made of OPEN. We hope this is helpful, and we are here when you have more questions!


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