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Mediums Vs. Additives

24 thoughts on “Mediums Vs. Additives”

  1. Thank- you for this well detailed explanation of all the different products. They were easy to understand and made sense.

  2. For the life of me, I am unable to print the article about mediums vs. additives. It keeps bringing me back to your website. This is not a problem I typically have.

    • Hi Trudy, Just under the title of the article on the right, there is a button to push to print the article. This should put it in a format for easy printing. If you are still having trouble, please feel free to email us at help@goldenpaints.com. Thank you for your interest!

  3. Can you tell me why I can’t get GAC 800 in Great Britain and which product would give me
    the same results please.
    I use your paints all the time and I’m very pleased with them. I do paint pouring if thats
    any help to you.
    Kind regards

  4. I have many many powders for painting on China and porcelain but they are old and not labelled so I can’t use them in the kiln. I wondered if I could mix them with a medium and use as acrylic paint? Which medium would I need for that?

    • Hi Janet, It really depends upon what type of powder you would like to add. If it is pure pigment, it may be ok to add in very small amounts to an acrylic medium of your choice, but if a powdered ceramic glaze, we would not recommend adding to acrylic paint. We do not know how it will behave or react, as we have not tested this application. We also do not recommend our paints be used on anything that would be used for food or drink or that should hold water. Here is an article about Painting on ceramics with Acrylics you may find helpful: https://justpaint.org/painting-on-ceramics-with-acrylics/ and here is one about making Acrylic Paints with Pigments and Mediums: https://justpaint.org/just-make-paint/

  5. Thank you for the very clear explanation. I was previously intimidated by Golden’s variety of mediums but thanks to this article, I feel armed and am excited to experiment with them. Also, if I understand correctly, “wetting agents” are basically flow improvers?

  6. I used the Golden’s extra heavy gloss gel for texture on a gessoed MDF support. I expected it to dry clear. After waiting 3 days it still has a cloudy/yellowish tone. What did I do wrong?


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