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New Pigment Supplier for QoR Quinacridone Red

6 thoughts on “New Pigment Supplier for QoR Quinacridone Red”

    • Hello Lora,
      Thank you for your interest. We will not be selling the pigment for QoR Quinacridone Red.
      Warm Regards, Cathy

  1. I don’t get it.
    What r u talking about. It’s to much to read and understand.
    The right the middle the over left the left side the other overlap I don’t get it.
    I’m not one of the super smart artists.
    I just paint with colors I like. I paper I like that hold color.
    Is this important to people that just paint but don’t know why?
    Pretend Ur talking to a 5 year old.
    Now explain why I need to take the time to read this.
    How will it affect me.
    Thank you.

    • Hello,
      Just Paint is a venue for sharing research and information about our products, and not all articles will be useful for or interesting to all artists. In the case of this article, when a change in source for the pigment used in one of our watercolors resulted in a paint with a slightly different color and tint strength than the original, we wished to inform artists who might be interested in this change.
      Best Regards, Cathy


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