Acrylics on Plastics

Good Wetting and Poor Wetting

By Vaikunt Raghavan, Ph.D. Basics of Wetting and Adhesion When a liquid comes into contact with any solid, new interfaces or boundaries are generated between these dissimilar materials. Although many factors exist which will promote or inhibit adhesion of the acrylic paint onto the solid plastic, the most important element is the ability of the … Read more

Make a Mark

Updated February 17, 2023 to ensure product accessibility accuracy. Make a mark, erase it? Can you? Is it permanent? Will it remain with stubborn pride? Will it all wipe away except for a stain that tells of its past? Will it disappear as if it had never been there? Was it ever there? Will it … Read more

Sidebar: Some Tips and Starting Points for Photographers

By: Michael Townsend The GOLDEN Digital Grounds, Gel Mediums and Archival Spray Varnishes have created options that will feel very familiar to photographers and are creating a platform for new alternatives for hands-on control of the final image. Many photographers have in the past been able to use the darkroom as an additional stage for … Read more

Experimental Mixtures with Digital Mixed Media

By: Amy McKinnon When new and innovative products allow artists to break out of restrictive boundaries, what occurs is an opening of subsequent doors. Once our standard testing of a new product is complete, we proceed to experiment with the knowledge that visions are not abandoned because of product limitations and that artists will force … Read more

Reinventing the Future: GOLDEN Digital Grounds and Gel Topcoats w/UVLS

By Sarah Sands Introduction The intertwining history of paint and print, of the weightless image and the tactile touch of brush on canvas, is both a long and complicated one. For much of the last century photography and painting developed along very divergent lines, their unique materials and processes keeping them safely sequestered in their … Read more

Paint & Pixels

By Digital Atelier® Artists, Karin Schminke, Dorothy Simpson Krause, Bonny Pierce Lhotka As computers are becoming commonplace in homes and studios, artists are integrating digital processes into their work at an ever-increasing rate. Superior digital editing capabilities encourage creative exploration and give the artist more precise control over the production of their art. Some artists … Read more