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Painting on Raw Aluminum

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  1. Hi, when you say a bonding primer what do you mean? Because I cannot find anything like that for sale in art stores. Is there a particular product I could use? Is a bonding primer like a synthetic size? For instance would artist grade pva do the job?
    Say if I wanted to coat it with and oil primer how would I go about it?
    Many thanks

    • If painting with acrylics on raw aluminum, we recommend scuffing with fine sandpaper and degreasing with Isopropyl alcohol, then applying a commercial Direct To Metal Primer, designed for latex paints, that you would purchase at a house paint store. If painting with oils on top of raw aluminum, we found in our testing that the oil paint adheres rather well directly on the aluminum if scuffed and degreased first. This also holds true if you would like to apply and oil ground directly on the aluminum. The key is the scuffing and degreasing first. We hope this is helpful and if you have any further questions, feel free to email us at help@goldenpaints.com.


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