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Hand-Painting 3D Prints with Acrylics

9 thoughts on “Hand-Painting 3D Prints with Acrylics”

  1. Absolutely fantastic. The 3D print industry needs more data like this. Thank you very much for providing such data “from the paint side”.

  2. This was exactly what I was looking for!! But I still have a few questions! Miriam, hopefully you will still be notified of my comment.

    1. The adhesion test result picture for TPU is missing! I came here specifically for TPU, so that’s a shame haha…
    2. You don’t recommend the acrylics for permanent water contact applications. Do you know of any sealants that make acrylics truly waterproof?

    I would be SO happy if you could fix point 1 and answer my question in point 2. Thank you very much!

    Best wishes,

    • Hello Steven,

      I am sorry I overlooked your first comment. I will email you the image of the TPU results, so you don’t have to wait until our tech team puts up the missing image. Thank you very much for the hint.

      Unfortunately, we know of no clear coat, that makes acrylic paints safe and suitable for underwater applications. There might be food grade FDA approved epoxy resins that might work, but we have not tested this and one has to take the whole material sandwich into consideration, and not just the clear coat by itself. Therefore a FDA approved colored filament, such as the Taulman range of T-Glase filaments might be your best bet.

      I am so glad you found this article useful and I am sorry we don’t have an easy solution for you.

  3. It seems like my comment wasn’t posted… I’ll re-write it 🙂

    The TPU adhesion test result pictures are missing! Mirjam, is it possible to upload those?
    Also, do you have any suggestions for making acrylics waterproof (so they can be used as aquarium decoration for example)? I can’t really find anything on coatings that make acrylics not just “water resistent” or “water-repelling”, but truly waterproof where it could be in permanent contact with water.

    Thank you so much for this article, very in-depth and super helpful!

    • Hello,
      Thank you for letting us know! We have reported to issue to our tech department, so hopefully the article will soon appear for your reading pleasure.

  4. Hi! I can’t see this article. I can view your other ones, so I don’t think it’s user error, but for this one, I’m just seeing the comments, which make me want to read it more.

    • Hello ES,
      You are not alone, and we have reported the issue to those who fix such things. Hopefully the content will be visible again soon!
      Thank you


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