3 thoughts on “Pouring”

  1. Thanks. This was interesting and helpful. I was never sure how much paint to medium to add together, so the video was very explicit. Now I feel confident that I’m not wasting paint. And I loved how the colors and lines stayed so discrete and clean. Very nice. More pouring effects videos would be great and would certainly make me feel more confident investing money in your product.

    • Thank you Marcy for your kind words.

      Be sure to check out the videos in the new Just Paint Experience, which is right here at Justpaint.org

      – Mike Townsend

  2. I tried acrylics a long time ago but since I like to manipulate my paints this didn’t work as they dried way to fast then along came OPEN ACRYLICS. So I stayed with my watercolors. I’m back to acrylics having painted several paintings with OPEN. A big THANK YOU Golden. I use all four water mediums but love the OPEN products.
    Leonard Williams


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