Weighing In on the Drying of Oils

EDITOR’S NOTE (6/6/23): Please note the statement saying “…the sample ended up doing no better than our standard Williamsburg Titanium White, which contains no drier whatsoever,” was true at the time of publishing, but in 2012, a formula change occurred so the statement needs to be edited for accuracy. Therefore, the statement should now read … Read more

What’s Your Favorite Color?

With thousands of hours of paint research all on one page and almost one thousand swatches of color, it’s now easier than ever to see the full range of GOLDEN colors. Having comparative information for each one as they transform through tint and glaze mixing on a 26″ tall by 39″ wide poster, makes this … Read more

Make a Mark

Updated February 17, 2023 to ensure product accessibility accuracy. Make a mark, erase it? Can you? Is it permanent? Will it remain with stubborn pride? Will it all wipe away except for a stain that tells of its past? Will it disappear as if it had never been there? Was it ever there? Will it … Read more

Photography and the Role of GOLDEN Digital Grounds

Tim O'Neil

By Michael Townsend Over the last few years we at Golden Artist Colors have been hearing from more and more photographers who are experimenting with fine art materials. Through our conversations we began to learn about some new trends in photography. We were fortunate that three professional artists, that we have been working with, were … Read more


I am a materials geek, a paint junkie, colored goo makes me tick. For years I thought it made a difference, what kind of goo you pushed around. I thought it defined you. As an artist you often search to define yourself. Your life becomes about self declarations. You must declare yourself: an artist, a … Read more

Golden Foundation Builds Artist Residency in Columbus, NY

In 1980, Sam and Mark Golden put together a business plan to start a small paint company in upstate New York. The company, Golden Artist Colors, would focus on a niche market, producing high quality acrylic materials for professional artists, and would service artists by listening to their needs. Over the next 28 years, this … Read more

Extending the Acrylic Range Developing OPEN Acrylics

After years of collaboration with our customers and suppliers, our research and development team at GOLDEN is proud to see the fruits of our labor rolled out as a truly innovative new paint system, GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics. GOLDEN OPEN represents the culmination of years of our chemists’ lives, thinking, brewing and partnering to determine how … Read more