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Zinc Oxide: FAQ

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  1. This is spectacular information to have. We are all so fortunate to have Williamsburg and Golden around to do all this research and share it for free. Thank you!

    Have you done any testing on white paints made from strontium and titanium, such as Holbein’s Ceramic White?

    • Hi Walker –

      Thanks for the words of appreciation! It means a lot to us.

      We have not done any testing of the strontium titanate pigment behind Holbein’s Ceramic White. It’s a unique material that, as far as we know, Holbein is the only one to use as a pigment. It is certainly one of those alternatives that could hold interest, in terms of producing a more translucent, harder film – however, the truly unique benefit of zinc is as a source of active metal ions, and from that standpoint we are not sure this could act as a substitute. But would need to test and research it further. In the meantime, for something more translucent, white, and stable, while also being reasonable in cost, we feel lithopone (PW5) is a good candidate and is something we offer as our Porcelain White.

    • There is no zinc white on the shelves in lubbock texas in any brand. No labels indicating they are out of stock. Just vanished. I understand mixing white to be 1/1 ratio of titanium white and zinc white. Not the same for transparent blending at all

      • Hi Trigger –

        I am not sure why any and all traces of zinc white have disappeared from the shelves. Certainly we, along with many other brands of paints, still produce and sell a Zinc and a Titanium-Zinc White, so I must assume this is a decision being made by the individual art stores. Have you spoken to them about having Zinc White stocked? In any case, always feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Department if needing help locating a supplier for Zinc or Titanium-Zinc White in the future. Simply go to our Contact Us page and select that Department: https://www.goldenpaints.com/contact_us

        In terms of a Mixing White, there is no set formula and different companies will settle on different percentages. Certainly, in the past, a zinc content of 30-50% was common, but with our current understanding of the impact of zinc, we feel that settling on a lower percentage is safer, using the zinc mostly as a way to moderate the tendency to yellow. If wanting a white that is more translucent, which was often the goal of a mixing white, you might take a look at our Porcelain White made from lithopone (PW 5).


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