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ASTM Lightfastness Testing for Oil Paints

6 thoughts on “ASTM Lightfastness Testing for Oil Paints”

  1. Outstanding work guys!! An awful lot to digest here and confusing in some ways (as anything to do with lightfastness is!).

    Thank you so much!

  2. Wow! What amazing, groundbreaking work — it will change the way artists, educators, and conservators think about paint. (As an artist it is certainly shifting the way I think about paint). These are fascinating insights on the performance of Ultramarine, Pyrrole, and Green Gold.

    Information on the performance of pigments in various whites and binding oils helps a lot to inform artistic decisions.

    The paintings which we spend so much time making will now last longer thanks to your work.

    Thank you for leading the way on lightfastness!

  3. I am only coming to this article now and just wanted to say how proud I am of the continuing work you have done on these issues – you have taken it to a level and breadth I could only have dreamt of. Congratulations on the testing and compiling of such amazing and groundbreaking work. Truly – Sarah Sands


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