Constructing a Spray Booth for Varnishing Outdoors

8 thoughts on “Constructing a Spray Booth for Varnishing Outdoors”

    • Hello Miriam.

      Yes! That’s a great idea. You may still want to create the cardboard booth to use in the shed, as those spaces can be quite dusty.

      – Mike Townsend

  1. Really helpful idea! Thanks a lot for this. I always wear a mask and etc. but felt bad about the spray spreading out into the air around us. At least this way the spray particles will be somewhat contained.

  2. What is the best way to spray an acrylic canvas?
    Up and down?
    Side to side?
    If sides are painted do you spray later?
    How long to wait before adding a 2 nd varnish coat?
    Can you paint on a high gloss varnish first let dry and add a coat of spray varnish?
    Thank you

    • Hello, Francine.
      Thank you for the plethora of poignant questions. I’ll answer them each briefly, and also provide some links for you to peruse.
      Spraying Varnish should be done while the artwork is vertical or close to vertical. The direction is somewhat important but should be taken in the context of each individual work. For example, if you have a tall, yet narrow artwork, then choose the shorter, left to right application and overlap as seen in this video:
      Spray edges first (usually while it is on a table so you can easily see the edge and spray at a proper angle. Then, put the work vertically so you can spray the front side. Time between coats is relative to many factors. Usually, though, Archival Spray Varnish coats can be applied within the hour. Yes, you can brush a coat of MSA Varnish Gloss, allow to dry (at least 6 hours) and then continue with Archival Spray Varnish layers as desired. I hope that helps. Please contact us directly at if you have any other questions. – Mike Townsend

  3. Thanks for the ideas on the subject of spray booths. I was going to add the element of bugs, but then read read your cheese cloth solution. Why is it that those darn insects are so attracted to spray paint?


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