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Using QoR Masking Fluid with Watercolor

6 thoughts on “Using QoR Masking Fluid with Watercolor”

  1. I so appreciate all this information. And find it so helpful to both improve and enjoy my painting adventures and results

    • Hello Haydn,
      It should be possible to paint with watercolor directly on raw canvas. The sizing in the canvas might resist the water at first. Wetting the canvas with water or a mix of water and Synthetic Ox Gall could help with this. However, we have not tested this approach. Another option when using watercolor on canvas, would be to first apply an acrylic gesso, and then a watercolor ground. A watercolor ground will make the surface more absorbent and friendly to the watercolor paint. After the painting is finished, it would be best to protect the artwork behind glass or through varnishing. We have three QoR Grounds which can be used to create surfaces for watercolor painting: QoR Watercolor Ground, QoR Light Dimensional Ground, and QoR Cold Press Ground.
      Warm Regards,
      Cathy Jennings


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