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EU Decides Not to Ban Cadmium Pigments in Artist Paints

3 thoughts on “EU Decides Not to Ban Cadmium Pigments in Artist Paints”

  1. Thank goodness commonsense has prevailed.I think it is rather odd that the E.U.were worried about Cadmium finding it,s way into the food chain when they have allowed agriculture to pollute many areas of watercourses with powerful agrichemicals for years .As far as I am concerned there is no comparable substitute to Cadmium in Artist paint.

  2. When I first started (acrylic) paint classes (2016), I scoured the internet for all of the info I could find. Because of my background in science, I was particularly impressed with guidelines re heavy metal exposure and contamination. I brought this to the attention of my instructor because, at the end of class, we were all dumping our rinse water down her sink and throwing our copious rags (paper towels) in regular waste cans while throughout class, munching on finger foods we brought regularly to class. She said that she never heard of such guidelines and that I really shouldn’t be concerned about this. Since then, I have asked everyone who paints what precautions they use, and most of them look at me as if I were an alien from space!
    Yes, I would hate to see restrictions on the production of toxic pigments, but these toxins are a big deal: no one I know uses the proper methods of safety and safe disposal around them. I’m sorry that the EU didn’t ban them, as many artists who should know better ignore or are ignorant of safety guidelines.


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