Painting on Glass with GAC 200

Many acrylic artists paint on glass at some point in their career, either for fun or as a serious part of their practice. While there are commercially available bonding primers designed to prepare glass for painting, some artists want a crystal clear product that can be used as a primer

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QoR Iridescent and Interference paints

Shiny! QoR Iridescent and Interference Watercolors

From its introduction, QoR offered three shimmery shiny special effect colors in tube format:  Iridescent Pearl, Iridescent Silver, and Iridescent Gold.  The summer of 2022, QoR added three Interference paints available in the “Reflective” six pan set: Interference Violet, Interference Blue, and Interference Green.  The original three Iridescent watercolors are

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The Value of Painting with Neutral Grays

Neither Warm Nor Cool Positioned between red, yellow and blue, is gray. And sometimes gray is the exact color needed to compliment higher chroma pigments on the palette. Grays can be used to desaturate colors while maintaining or shifting their value, the relative degree of lightness or darkness. They can

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Rheology: Understanding the Feel of Acrylics

What is interesting about GOLDEN Artist Acrylics is that they all have unique properties that can modify our painting experience. Many of our product offerings have come out of a dialogue with artists who expressed their needs and each has been thoughtfully designed as a result. Since the catalogue of

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Super Textural Painting with Acrylic

As painters, we love the myriad ways we can apply paint and move it around on a surface. Inspiration can happen most often in the action and immediacy of using the materials. The history of painting shows us a large range of ways paint can be applied and manipulated to

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Farewell, Hello, Farewell…

The life of memories, consciousness and experience in time and space has been shown by our newest physics to be pretty quirky and much stranger than we could ever imagine. It’s looking closer to how the Tralfamadorians in Kurt Vonneguts novels experience things. They experience the past, present and future

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Williamsburg Rabbit Skin Glue

Rabbit Skin Glue – Pros & Cons

Animal glues have a long tradition in the preparation of oil painting supports – as sizes and as an ingredient in traditional gesso grounds. Some of their characteristics have yet to be matched by modern adhesives, namely the tightening and stiffening of the canvas as well as their oil blocking

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Revisiting Oils Over Acrylics

Introduction For some time, our recommendation for artists using oils over acrylic has been to work over harder, matte acrylic surfaces and avoid working on softer gels and gloss products. Our intention was to optimize the level of adhesion that would be achieved on a toothier surface as well as

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Sarah Sands

A Final Glance

I think we all know the feeling. You pause for a moment looking back towards a house or an apartment, a surround of land or the last vestige of a city’s skyline. It is always a very particular place, a very precise moment. You take things in, a slow deep

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