Overview of tested paints, mediums, primers and varnishes for 3D prints.

Hand-Painting 3D Prints with Acrylics

3D prints have become a much more frequently used and a more readily available medium for artists and sculptors. Desktop 3D printers are now affordable and online 3D printing services are available in abundance. Some filaments allow for full color prints, but particularly in smaller prints, the quality of these

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Using Alcohol Inks with GOLDEN Acrylics and Varnishes

In response to recent questions we have received from artists about the compatibility of using our GOLDEN Acrylics and Varnishes with alcohol inks, we decided to test these materials together. Our results were varied, with varnish testing in particular having more inconsistent results than we expected due to the wide

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Acrylic Washes and Glazes: What, When and How?

As acrylic painters we thin our paints with water to lower viscosity and make thin washes. Many of us also use mediums to alter consistency and viscosity and make translucent glazes. But, it is not always obvious how and when to use these mixtures, or how versatile they can be. 

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Color Shift-Shrinkage

Acrylic color shift and shrinkage GOLDEN Heavy Body Color and acrylic mediums provide a range of options to artists wanting to paint thickly. This video demonstrates two factors that should be considered when working with these products – color shift and shrinkage that occur as acrylic paints and mediums dry.

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Watercolor Resist

Watercolor Resist with Acrylic Gel Acrylics can be used as resists in mixed media works with watercolor.  Gels and mediums come in a range of viscosity that can be brushed or knifed onto the surface. PRODUCTS:QoR Ultramarine BlueQoR Benzimidazolone YellowQoR Quinacridone MagentaQoR Payne’s GrayQoR Transparent Pyrrole OrangeGolden Heavy Gel Gloss (or

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Cleaning Brushes Without Solvents

For oil painters who want to reduce the amount of solvent in their studio, we would like to share a solvent-free brush cleaning option that can be used during and after painting. All you need for this process are paper towels and a container with 2-3 inches of drying oil

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A Paint Line With The Muralist in Mind

Still Relevant by Ed Trask (@edtrask) courtesy of the Virginia Museum of History & Culture, Richmond, VA. Introducing Golden Paintworks Mural Paints  Our Art Materials Specialists receive and answer over 10,000 questions a year. One of the most asked about topics is around preparation and materials for Exterior Murals. We

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Tools for Texture

TOOLS FOR TEXTURE Textures from left to right: Golden Heavy Body using a cake decorating tool, Heavy Body with Molding Paste using a handmade burlap wand, Williamsburg with Wax Medium using a flat scraper, and Williamsburg using a wire brush. (NOTE: Once used as painting tools, kitchen utensils should not

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scre washers for attaching backing board

Backing Boards for Canvas Paintings

Backing boards are simple and wonderfully effective at protecting the condition of paintings. They are standard in painting conservation and have proven to significantly reduce visible aging. Installing backing boards can easily be done by artists themselves. Their benefits are many: Protection to impact damage from behind (tear, puncture, deformation).

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