The Subtle Differences of Williamsburg Whites

  White is often thought to be as much as 20% of a typical painting. Used for grounds, for opacifying, for lightening or brightening deep colors, its importance cannot be overlooked. Not only is it a critical component coloristically, but understanding the whites in your oil painting will also aid

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QoR Permanent Scarlet Discontinued

5/26/21 Update: Following the publication of this article, a new supply of PR168 was secured and QoR Permanent Scarlet is available to order again. We are sad to announce that after October 31, 2020 we will no longer be able to offer QoR Permanent Scarlet watercolor, as the PR 168

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Acrylic, Oil, and Watercolor Brushes

Brushes carry our paint from the palette to the canvas. They give us control over our marks and assist us in handling paint and mediums. Therefore, brushes are an important tool for any painter and worth looking into deeper. At GOLDEN, we produce paint in three different mediums: oils, acrylics,

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Studio Palette Options with Acrylics

INTRODUCTION Typical waterborne acrylic paints and mediums dry relatively quickly due to the evaporation of water and some other volatile components. Traditional uncovered palette systems only work well with acrylics if you are working very quickly because of this fast dry time. Our very slow-drying OPEN Acrylics are an exception,

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Bag of Brushes

What’s your studio “essential”?

Artists everywhere are adapting their creative practices to new spaces, new demands, and new media – and the folks at GOLDEN are doing it too. We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at a few of the products and ideas we highlighted in this section, and maybe they’ve sparked a few ideas for

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Faber Castell Polychromos pastels on Golden Pastel Ground, without varnish (top left), Lauscaux Fixative (top right), Archival Varnish Gloss (bottom left), and Archival Varnish Gloss + Archival Varnish Matte (bottom right).

Varnishing Mixed Media Paintings

EDITOR’S NOTE (4/26/23): Please note that Polymer Varnish has been discontinued and replaced with Gloss Waterborne Varnish. You can read more about it here. If you are working with mixed media, the best display solution is usually behind UV-protective glass. This provides ultimate protection against UV-light, dirt and dust. If

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